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Linda Dement

is a Sydney based artist who has worked in arts computing since 1989 with a background in photography, film, and video. Her interactive and still image work has been widely exhibited internationally and locally, including at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London, Ars Electronica in Austria, the International Symposia of Electronic Art in Sydney and Montreal and the Impakt Media Arts Festival Netherlands and Transmediale Berlin. She is twice winner of the Australian National Digital Art Award and has been awarded a New Media Arts Fellowship by the Australia Council for the Arts.


nancy mauro flude

Nancy Mauro-Flude

is poetically invested with the electronic movement and often highlights the importance of the internet as a medium, meeting place and information source, and the experiential worlds they carry in their wake. In her research she foregrounds the tools and paraphernalia that construct the relationship between the social and technical, the material and immaterial. She explores how these information systems are having a fundamental impact on our embodiment, our being in the world.

After a sustained career working internationally, she is based in Tasmania, Australia. She is invited for commissions and to talk, perform, and exhibit at events and venues throughout Asia-Pacific, Europe, North/South America and beyond such as; Netherlands New Media Art Institute, Pixel(Norway), HONF (Indonesia), Imal (Brussels), ESC (Graz), CAST (Tasmania), FILE electronic art festival (Brazil), ISEA 07-09, V2_Institute of Unstable Media, ArtSpace (Sydney), Planet Art, International Festival of Computer Arts Maribor (Slovenia), Bergen Center for Electronic Arts, Amber Annual International Digital festival of body-process arts (Istanbul), Museum Quartier (Vienna), CAST (Tasmania), Performance Space (Sydney), Waag Society/for Old and New Media (Amsterdam), and WORM (Rotterdam) and the World Wide Web.


Kate Richards

creates interactive video installations, augmented performance, data visualisation, social media events and virtual worlds. Artworks include “Gondwana”, an interactive, fictional galaxy of astronomy and folk sciences (DreamWorlds, Beijing 2010); “Wayfarer v2 - Urban Agents” 2010 (with Martyn Coutts), voted in the top 10 “brilliant initiatives...triggering and networking public association for public good” on David Barrie’s influential media blog; “Foul Whisperings, Strange Matters” Shakespeare’s Macbeth in Second Life, 2008 (with Kerreen Ely-Harper and Angela Thomas); “Bystander” with Ross Gibson, a 5 channel interactive, immersive installation (The Performance Space 2007, the Justice and Police Museum 2009); datamapping software “sub_scape” with Sarah Waterson (ACMI 2006, Isea2004, Australian Centre for Photography and Sydney Opera House 2008) and “The Uncertainty Principle” (Australian Centre for Photography in 2007.)


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Francesca da Rimini

is an artist, writer and occasional curator. In 1989 she became the founding Executive Officer of the Australian Network for Art and Technology. Subsequently she worked in the Information Technology industry for a period before returning to her own creative practice. As a member of the art collectives VNS Matrix (1991-1997) and identity_runners (1999-2006) she has helped create many distinctive media and internet art projects. Her solo work has similarly been critically acclaimed and widely exhibited and published. In 1999 she received a Australia Council New Media Fellowship. She holds a PhD from the University of Technology, Sydney, for her research into informational capitalism, artist-made softwares cultural activism and radical social change.


sarah waterson

Sarah Waterson

is a new media artist, designer and senior lecturer in interactive design, whose work deals with the influence of electronic technologies on subjectivities and how design as a discipline can inform practice and inter-disciplinary collaboration/s. Over the past twenty years she has exhibited interactive environments nationally and internationally. Recent interactive installations have included: 33oSouth - a three- channel audio-visual installation that juxtaposes the cities of Sydney (Australia) and Santiago (Chile) using a custom made data mapping system and database (collaboration with Juan Francisco Salazar), trope, a new writing project developed for the Second Life environment (SWF 08), subscapePROOF, a custom made data mapping system (collaboration with Kate Richards, Australian Centre for the Moving Image 04/05), and subscapeBALTIC (collaboration with Kate Richards, ISEA2004).