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Bump Projects is a functioning constellation of artists, technology and events that enables productive collaboration. For Boodbath, Bump Projects has commissioned a system that collects and distributes data and has invited five artists to create works that utilise it.

All girl flat track roller derby is a raucous, irreverent game that usually results in minor injuries. It runs in bouts of 30 minutes, each bout being made up of 2 minute ‘jams’ in which one member of each team, the ‘jammer’, attempts to pass the pack and so score points.

For Bloodbath, the packs also have a virtual life, from robust wireless sensors (wiimotes) installed on the heads of players, collision, speed and rotational information is sent to a server and from there, on to data driven artworks. The artists are making their artworks live on site, in real-time, and these are projected as the game is played out.

As a sport, all girl flat track roller derby is enjoying a huge surge in popularity all over Australia - there are currently over 40 leagues in action here. July 2010 saw the biggest get-together in Adelaide - ever - of womens’ roller derby leagues, both national and international.

Bloodbath builds on investigations into our human tendency towards, and attraction to, violence - these trajectories creating technological elaborations of our delighted riveted engagement in battle and its dynamics of attack, revenge, defence, collapse, victory, deceit and subterfuge. The artists will be working with digital manifestations of speeding flesh and programmed digital activity. These works both follow and break the rules, embodying the generative repercussions of a fracas.

Screen Bleed
by Fiona McGregor, Realtime #100, Dec 2010/Jan 2011

Multiple Notions of Desire: Roller Derby
by Adele Pavlidis (35kb Download)

Linda Dement, Nancy Mauro-Flude, Kate Richards, Francesca da Rimini, Sarah Waterson
Linda Dement, Kate Richards
Original idea:
Linda Dement
Technical development:
Mr. Snow, House of Laudanum
Deborah Turnbull, New Media Curation